Get Beautiful Curls & Waves
Without Painful Burns to Your Neck & Face!
Create All the Styles You LOVE Without the Burns You Hate!
Featuring TemperSafe Technology!
Curling irons can get as hot as 450 degrees. That means potential danger for ears, forehead, neck, and more. The secret is the special TempurSafe raised ridges that cleverly reduce the temperature at the top of each ridge, while remaining hot at the core.

Created By a Top Celebrity Hair Stylist!
Perfect Curls without the Burn!
Masood Max has spent a lifetime as a sucessful stylist and innovator. His styling business became so successful that he devoted himself to it and to the clients that wouldn’t let him quit, but never lost the ability to analyze a problem that involved chemistry or engineering. 

He quickly realized most of the styling products and tools used in salons were not created by people who had to use them every day, all day. Max saw the need for products and tools that would reduce styling time, while producing great results. 
Easily Slips Over Your Favorite Curling Iron or Wand!
  • Easily Slips Over Any Curling Iron or Wand Including The Professional Long-Styling Barrels
  • Come in Multiple Sizes From 3/4 Inch to 1-1/2 Inch
  • Protects Your Forehead, Ears, Neck, and More From Painful Burns
  • 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back
The Easier, Smarter, Safer Way to Curl Your Hair!
BurnStop dramatically reduces the temperature of you curling iron at critial point where the curling iron may touch your skin.
The TempurSafe technology protects your skin while maintining a high core temperature to create the curly, wavy hair you want!
BurnStop is a great accessory for styling any hair. Perfect for grown-ups and kids too!

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